Disable check-in on TFS

As we all know that TFS is a centralised source code repository, it means everyone has access to the same source code repository. It causes lots of issues, especially when the new check-in breaks the existing code.
To implement Continuous Integration properly, the lead developer needs to setup code reviewing policy which is not allowed junior and intermediate developers check-in directly to the source code. The most effective to do it is disabling check-in permission for the normal group of developers.

Source Code Explorer -> Right click to Project and select Security

It will open TFS Web portal and disable the check-in policy for certain group of users on TFS

Communication between Microservices

There are a number of discussions currently in the Dev forums and meetups about Microservices. From my point of view, it’s not a silver bullet that can solve all the problems with scalability, architecture. However, if it’s implemented correctly from architecture to coding level, it will have advantages in scaling, performance and easy deployment.

There are some similarities of Microservices and SOA with decoupled components. When I designed the SOA for the previous project, the data storage is shared within all services in SOA, it’s a very typical design of Restful API. However, the microservices have independent data storage for each service.

This post is more for the communication between microservice which normally the most confused when architect start implementing microservice.