Kill un-commit transaction on SQL Server

When developer use SQL Server to create any transaction, sometimes they forget to rollback the transaction with begin transaction statement. It will cause the Timeout for the database as the transaction is still remain open.

The following steps will help you to solve the problem.

Check if any open transaction here: DBCC OPENTRAN

Kill the UId which is open if any with: KILL 80

Adding Cache to ASP.NET MVC Bundles

Sometimes after changing styles, javascript on the application, it still got cached on the end-user browser. The solution for it is adding the version to stylesheets, javascript files with the following format ?v=[whatever the random version number]. However, in .NET MVC, if you use Bundling and Minification through BundleConfig, then you should add the following code to BundleConfig file

BundleTable.EnableOptimizations = true;